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Principles of cooperation

1. We receive an inquiry by email or through the form on the page. Inquiry should include:

a. What is the use of stickers

b. The dimensions of stickers

c. Quantities

d. Expectations regarding delivery: roll, sheet, in the piece

e. The attached draft if

f. The term / on when needed

2. We ship products production

3. After the initial acceptance rates will send an order form for signature

4. The customer accepts the signature of the authorized person and returns electronically

5. Approved the order is the basis for the start of production

6. The term of the order is counted from the moment of receiving the complete set of materials and approval of the final draft by the Employer. It is always specified in the order. Whenever in correspondence with the client refers to "days" should be understood as a working day so Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri excluding days on which the public holidays fall, church, etc. commonly known as non-working days. In the case when the files have errors announce this fact to the client and please send the corrected if in our range, we can not correct the file. This procedure shifts the start date of the order. Postponement of the order may be extended as a result of the necessary acceptance of institutions other than the client (eg. Associations, Organizations EU, compounds, etc.). If the execution of the order is necessary to perform punches turnaround time can be extended from 2 to 5 days.

7. Materials entrusted to carry out the project (information carriers, slides, color separations, images) pay after use.

8. Any liability arising under copyright law, licensing agreements or reservations trademarks lies with the customer.

9. Graphic design. In the case of standard orders we charge no additional cost for the execution of projects of graphic labels (subject to receipt of a logo, text data, and other data to complete the project on an electronic storage medium). In the case of the graphic design of "product label" is paid (usually 450 zł net excluding purchase images necessary for its implementation)

10. All prices give the net. VAT of 23% is charged on the invoice at the moment.

11. Payment Terms: cash on delivery, transfer on the basis of proforma invoice, the payment of the deferred payment. Orders with a value over 6000 zł net require a deposit payment of 30%. Withdrawal from execution after written approval is not exempt from the payment of the full amount indicated in the order.

12. Transport at the expense of the recipient (30 zł net in Poland to 30 kg) where the contract provides otherwise, the EU transport costs are specified in the order.

13. Complaints will be considered provided written define the subject of the complaint within 7 days after delivery. Complaints about color CMYK and Pantone are considered only in the case of delivery against the order by the customer, or when the color proof was made a test print before order.

14. Any disputes will be settled under the provisions of the Civil Code or before the commercial courts in Warsaw



Contact details

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Pytając o cenę prosimy o podanie :

- Rozmiar naklejki (podać w cm lub mm)

- numer naklejki

- sposób cięcia ( na arkuszu , rolka , cięte każdy osobno - jak się rozdaje )

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