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Wall mural

Very high availability of images on the web that makes everyone can develop their own wall of any graphics. It does not matter the type of surface on which it will be adhered Wall, however, worth mentioning ordering the product. Why? Each wall has a different structure and therefore the other is adhesion to the substrate wall murals. On the wall of the large inequalities (bumps) not every material will adhere well.

Wall divided into two groups:

- Glued standard glue

- Self-adhesive


Wall mural  -  standard glued


Printed in full palette of colorful additive CMYK. The difference between the materials is mainly based on the thickness Mural (150 - 320 microns) and the type of material from which it is made. The cheapest wallpapers are the wallpaper paper and fleece. Thin and cheapest. With them sticking you have to deal with them fairly gently so as not to affect their structure. Paper wall due to the low price suitable for rooms in which we often change decorated.

Another group is PVC-coated fleece wallpaper. Thanks to PVC are stiffer and significantly thicker than the filter fleece. Wallpaper of this type are also easier to keep them clean and substantially easier to glue.

Wallpaper fleece are also found with the addition of glass fibers so that they are stronger and well cover the crack on the wall, if any. There are quite robust and recommended in place of the large utilities.

Part of the above types of wallpaper has a water-activated adhesive so you do not have to buy separately glue. Adhesives used for murals are universal adhesives, which can be purchased at any store selling paints and adhesives. You should only specify the type of wallpaper that they are to be used.

These types of wallpapers occur in structures matt due to its composition.

Wall mural  -  self adhesive

This is a separate group of murals definitely more durable than the above described. These materials are much thicker and more resistant to mechanical damage. They are suitable for uneven surfaces, plaster or plastered surfaces inequalities. Wallpapers of its kind on uneven surfaces should be applied to heat which requires a little more work while a smooth surface can be applied to them "cold". Self-adhesive wallpaper surfaces are matte and glossy.

Almost every wall mural can be protected against śceraniem and fading, which we strongly recommend. To this end it corresponds to the lacquer which provides resistance to scratches (eg. During the washing operation), and the behavior of color saturation for a long time.


How to order ?

We have a choice of two solutions for the production of wallpapers:

1. Mural using your own pictures (taken by our camera)

- Just by here to send us the size of the wall to be placed on the wallpapers and the photo you want to find there but beware! The photo should be of good quality (high the resolution of) because if the wall is a large and low-quality image will not look good after the magnification becomes blurred. After receiving the pictures and matching the size we will determine whether a suitable image or reduce the surface to which is to be glued.

2. Mural using images available at the bank picture

- Buy photo image bank available in interencie (fotolia, istockphoto, shuttrestock) and send to us. The procedure is the same as above. Banks images offer 3 or 4 the size of pictures and always best to buy the biggest ones because they have a high resolution.


If you have a picture wall you can send them to us, we plot the graphic you to see how it will look in reality.


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