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Safety stickers ( warranty )

Safety stickers is used to protect specific space or device to prevent unauthorized opening. These stickers are made of a special foil that when you try to detach fails. It is not possible to repeat, unnoticeable sticking to the surface.

Stickers infill apply:

- Transport companies

- Manufacturers of materials bearing the copyright

- to service providers

There are 3 types of stickers infill:

Paper sticker
During attempts to break this type of sticker, part along with the adhesive remains on the surface. The paper is allocated.

VOID sticker

When you peel off the sticker just on the surface and on the sticker is visible lettering VOID. Labels of this type can be both white and silver are arranged on a full color print. VOID stickers are made in any shape.

Hard to remove sticker

At the time of peeling the sticker it is entirely destroyed by tearing or destruction. They are very delicate, so there is no chance of separating it entirely.

Dublle protection sticker

This kind of label is a sticker with a double protection. The detachment of the surface layer exposes the next layer. The shape of these stickers is optional. It is possible to print on these pełnokolorwego naklejakch.




We offer a personalized holograms and standard. Examples of holograms can be found below. At each hologram may find itself any single color printing. The entire series can have the same label, or each piece different. Holograms are made from a minimum quantity of 10 pieces pieces.

Sizes holograms:

- The diameter of the wheels 19 - 21 mm

- Square 19 - 20 mm

For larger expenditures in excess of 10 thousand units is possible hologram individual inscription on the hologram (iridescent any inscription).



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