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Meet our labels

Many substrates of adhesive

Labels offer on a wide variety of substrates self-adhesive or non-adhesive. The offer includes adhesive films resistant to moisture used in most cases as well as paper without glue or adhesive that may be further coated with a lacquer or a special adhesive for easy detachment of the label. The offer we have both the label on the packaging, as well as stickers or labels.

Solid contruction

Whatever you talking about labels you definitely need to take account of their quality. By the words of the labels you can find many manufacturers but we are made products of the highest quality. Professional performance makes we have more and more customers. Labels indelible zabezpeiczone, resistant to oils and high temperatures and many other features make in each of these cases we make high-quality full-color labels.

Any shape

Equipment allows us to perform self-adhesive labels as well as other of any shape, and also in line with customer expectations, there is in this respect any restrictions. We can make in the order of 100 pieces. Label 100 different designs without incurring additional costs. The shape how we think of you cut. In the end, the manufacturer of stickers or labels as we do, can do everything.


In carrying out its products as a manufacturer of self-adhesive labels we offer them on waterproof materials and so on all kinds of self-adhesive foils. We also print on waterproof paper specially coated with lacquer. Most of the printed labels are made on non-absorbent substrates label which guarantees a longer durability and resistance to wet environment.

Any number

Digital machines allow us to produce labels from 1 unit. To many thousands of inputs. Customers looking for low-cost production will find our solution. We process any order for holograms, labels, stickers or ordinary.

Bar code labels

We print barcodes on labels or labels with only offer bar codes or other essential information. We print labels with variable data so each label in an edition may have a different print.


Professional production of labels is also a solid construction projects from start to finish. We design all the packaging lines as well as individual labels. We advise and design product labels, starting with the selection of colors and ending with final label design.




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