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Glittering STICKERS


Fluorescent stickers

Fluorescent labels are often confused with reflective or luminous. Visibility and stickers fluoresencyjnych effect is completely different. Stickers fluorescent thanks to a special paint coating is highly visible during the day. At night, however, they are not visible. Generally, a very bright colors by reflection of the light are very noticeable. This type of sticker is widely used in advertising promotions, in stores, on the products.

We make them any shape.

Exposure their time is short: up to 12 months. Over time, they lose their brightness.

Fluorescent material can be printed on any color, and even on the customer's request different colors. We do not print fluorescent inks. Below are color samples at our disposal.

NOTE ! Fluorescent labels are not illuminated at night

Sticlers glowing in the darkness - how it works

The operation of these stickers is that absorb and accumulate light so that the dark areas are clearly visible.

Stickers that glow in the dark are made in any shape and size.

The main thing you need to pay special attention to is their proper design especially single-color stickers. Poorly designed will not shine as it should. Top-look as separate letters or other shapes. Most often they used for the determination of elements such as stairs, walls in clubs or exits.


Sticlers glowing in the darkness - single-color

A cheaper technology are made one-color stickers glowing in the dark. These labels lit only part that is not printed. These stickers can perform full-color But be aware that during the day are colorful and at night will shine only this honor, which we printed there. These stickers can be made as separate letters, stamps and other graphic forms.

The images below show stickers colorful glowing in the dark and a view of stickers in daylight.

Sticlers glowing in the darkness - colored

Special technology allows for the preparation of color light effect in ciemności.W tyhc labels also lit color printing on the label.

Below is an example of this type of image realization sticker. Photos show stickers colorful glowing in the dark and a view of stickers in daylight.



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