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Monochromatic stickers

Labels one color are generally cut from a film shapes or letters of any, one color. We have a wide range of colors of materials. We make every number and size of the print. We deliver them to customers at a special foil that allows self-sticking stickers in one piece. Labels may be exposed to the inside or outside of the glass. In the case of internal exposure stickers to be done in the so-called mirror image. We do this on request. Then, they can be glued from the inside.

Multicolored stickers

We multicolored stickers printed technique. Any format and effort. Depending on whether the label should be visible from the inside or from the outside we use the technology. Return to outdoor exposure are usually painted to protect against fading and mechanical damage.

Multicolored stickers from the inside and double - sided stickers

We also carry a sticker glued on the inside. Size and cost are completely arbitrary. We use this printing method, and cover them with glue from the printed page. This allows the label to stick inside. Until recently, the cost per print these stickers in a small amount was quite high, which contributes to complicated printing technology. Today, however, this type of stickers are practically on any budget.

Stickers double-sided copies are made of each and any shape. By using a special adhesive film does not translucent stickers after sticking on the glass.

Stickers with visibility from the inside

In order to ensure visibility and light transmission type of use transparencies One Way Vision, namely, that transmits light. This film has special holes. From the outside, visible graphics. Labels of this type are widely used at shop windows, car windshields, means of transport. Such sticker is adhered is always on the outside of the glass.

Here are the photos of the view from the outside and from the inside.

Stickers with no-visibility from the inside

Often used solution on the glass door. Stock is visible only from one side. In general, glued on both sides of the glass, so that they idoczne for wchodzącyh and outgoing calls. We use different types of films here, depending on the exposure period and the conditions. We make a film about the durability of 3 months, up to ten years. If necessary, the varnished stickers. Shapes can be arbitrary. The film from which we label is quite thick, so do not impervious to light.

Stickers with no-visibility from the inside but permeable to light

They are widely used in offices: decorative, separating the room, or protecting against the sun's rays. To perform this type of label use matt colorless film. A sealed glass surface mats, but still transmits light. Actually used the room adds elegance. They can be used both on the windshield internal and external spaces. In all shapes and sizes. We provide installation.


Asking about the installation please specify the altitude of the land will be mounting.

This has an impact on the cost of the service. If the installation is, for example. At a height of 3 floors on the windows of this question is whether we need to use for this job lifter or access to the panes will be from the inside after being opened.






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