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In our offer we also have a sticker on most textile materials. The most popular are the stickers to T-shirts. Each of you can put it on your own shirt yourself by using irons or of the press. All labels on the clothes usually are placed on the hot.

Stickers on the so-called "events" such meetings, running, etc. We can make the adhesive material requiring no hot paste. Such a label can easily stick and peel off the clothes.

Created by our stickers are in the form of characters, texts or color graphics. On request, we are able to combine it all.

Asking about the price, please provide such information as:

- The size of stickers

- Number stickers

- Material (cotton or polyester)

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tel. +48 602 22 82 82


Asking about the price, please provide:

- Size stickers (specify in cm or in mm)

- Number of stickers

- A way of cutting (on the sheet, roll, cut each separately - as to giving away)

correspondence we try to respond within a few minutes.


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