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Advertising STICKERS


We print high-quality color labels on different surfaces. Print material is appropriately selected depending on the substrate on which it is to be pasted, exposure time and other parameters. Special print stickers on metal, wood, and also on uneven surfaces, rough or on rubber. We select the best parameters according to the requirements of our customers.

Note that the individual films exhibit various properties, as well as adhesive strength. We provide full consultancy support in this regard.
As for the stickers to be placed on trucks, we prepare them with the highest quality materials, resistant to external factors. After completion of the exposure, you can simply remove the sticker and not remain after them no trace. All prints intended for vehicles have additional security in the form of cured varnish. It's a great protection for scratches or loss of color.

In the case of stickers exposure time of more than a year, we use clear varnish hardened, which ensures high durability. The perfect choice stickers material means to determine parameters such as exposure time, weather conditions, as well as many other factors that may be important at that moment.

The variety of shapes
For the convenience and comfort of our customers, we offer printing stickers in a variety of shapes. As part of our services, we also provide a cutting stickers. The customer determines the manner of cutting: in the art to shape, on sheets or on a roll, with which is associated a different cost of production.
We also provide support for graphics, invent graphic design, execute design and produce different shapes of stickers.
Advertising stickers on vehicles, various surfaces and stickers

 Labels for sticking on the inside (the printing is on the adhesive side). Labels may be executed on a special light-impermeable membrane which makes is very well visible from both sides.


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